It certainly seems that way. Repeat bookings are always nice, but when a large family with several weddings decide to hire you for each wedding reception you know you’re doing something right! So it is that the Holyoake / Oddy / Bray dynasty continues its’ tradition of hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND to take care of the evening celebrations for yet another of its’ wedding receptions.


This time it was the turn of Steph and Andy at Quorn Country Hotel in Loughborough. We’d been hired by Steph and Andy in October last year and only when the guests started flooding into the Charnwood suite did we realise that this was the latest chapter in the “family band” story. Familiar faces flashed past our eyes as we performed the first dance; our rendition of “A thousand years” by Christina Perri (the one from the Twilight film).

The second dance was “On top of the world”, the jaunty Imagine Dragons song, dispatched with aplomb, after which we ripped through over two hours of instantly recognisable classic and contemporary dance floor-friendly live music including “Valerie”, Amy Winehouse, “Town called Malice”, The Jam, “Don’t stop me now”, Queen, and our current new favourite song, “Can’t stop the feeling”, Justin Timberlake”.


And now a word of caution. When you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND and start the process of thinking of songs you would like us to play, we always suggest it best to concentrate on picking songs that are well known, upbeat and will please everyone. But if you choose a song that’s a little unusual, off the beaten track and a total curveball, we will still do our best to learn and play it. So, if like Steph and Andy you request “Ace of Spades”, the classic Motorhead song as a bit of a dare, thinking “hahaha, let’s choose this, surely they won’t play it…” – oh yes we bloomin’ well will. And we did. Turned the volume up to 11, bass guitar onto “distort” setting and blasted it through it, turning the dancefloor into a maelstrom of heaving bodies.


So, the moral of the story is this – if you have any interesting songs you’d like to hear a superb professional function band perform at your wedding reception, party or event, hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND! Call us direct on 0796 433 5657.