Wedding Bands Leicestershire

You may have been scouring the web looking for ‘wedding bands Leicestershire’ or ‘wedding band Leicester’ but stop! Your searching has paid off! HARD TO HANDLE BAND are one of the most sought after and in-demand live bands performing in and around Leicester. 500+ clients can’t be wrong!

Wedding Bands Leicestershire

We perform at venues like:

  • Scalfard Hall
  • Prestwold Hall
  • Belvoir Castle
  • Rothley Court
  • The City Rooms
  • Stapleford Park
  • Keythorpe Manor
  • Marriott Hotel

As well as the other major hotel chains in the area

If you have been looking for a live band for your event, you may have noticed that there are many bands advertising their services who seem to look and sound very similar – six or seven members in the band, performing a mix of funk and disco music. The vocalists tend to sound like X-Factor rejects and the musicians look tired and jaded. Oh dear…

Fortunately, HARD TO HANDLE are on hand to provide you with a refreshingly entertaining alternative! Why are we the perfect band for your event? We’ll tell you:


We perform up to 85 bookings per year – that’s a lot, and it means that we are absolutely at the top of our game. We’re a great sounding live band with an infectious enthusiasm for what we do – which is to get you and your guests on the dancefloor and keep you there all night.


As professional musicians, we pride ourselves on creating a full sound without the need for additional “fill in” members. Ever wondered why a lot of live event bands have five or more members? It’s usually because they can’t create a good enough sound without resorting to extra musicians. HARD TO HANDLE is a highly talented, versatile band without the need for extraneous musicians.


We don’t just play a narrow range of music. We understand that to appeal to everyone, we need to perform a very broad mix of instantly recognisable hits. That’s why we can perform classic and modern rock, indie classics, timeless soul and current pop in a great live style that will cater to all of your guests. And if you have a favourite song, just let us know!


One of the key benefits of hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND is that you don’t have to worry about space restrictions – we’re compact enough to fit into the smallest of performance spaces. Function room managers love the fact that our sound and lighting system doesn’t intrude on the dance floor, and you’ll love our energetic performances.


  • up to 2 hours of live music
  • complementary DJ-style music (at no extra cost)
  • compact and professional sound and lighting system
  • tips and advice on hiring a live band
  • public liability insurance as standard
  • requests including your first dance played
  • direct booking service – no agency fees
  • a superb nights’ entertainment!

Call us direct, or for information, tips and advice and to listen to HARD TO HANDLE BAND, please visit our website.

Tel: 0796 433 5657