Wedding Band North West

Since 2007, HARD TO HANDLE BAND have performed at literally hundreds of clients around the North West. We play at wedding receptions, parties and business functions and we keep you and your guests on the dancefloor all night. So what makes us so popular?

Wedding Band North West


First and foremost we are a great live band featuring professional musicians. The anticipation and excitement of having a real live band perform for you and your guests means that HARD TO HANDLE BAND will create a superb nights’ entertainment and will be a highlight of your evening


We believe that choice of music is absolutely crucial to the success of your evening. Whereas some bands only play a certain type of music, HARD TO HANDLE BAND perform a broad mix of rock, pop and soul – all instantly recognisable and designed to create the ultimate party atmosphere.


When you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND, your evenings’ entertainment is assured. You don’t need to hire any additional equipment – we bring everything we need to do a great job, including instruments, a professional sound and lighting system, and DJ-style music which can be played before, in between and after the band sets. Perfect!


As you may have noticed, we’re not a large band. Why? Well we believe that we are “fit for purpose” – in other words, we are great for small to midsized functions, especially wedding receptions and parties where your guest list may be 200, 100 or even less. As professional performers we simply don’t need additional musicians to fill out the sound (and don’t forget, the more musicians, the louder the sound). And because we’re not a large band, we will comfortably fit into most performance areas, leaving plenty of room for you and your guests to dance the night away!

We provide a very comprehensive service and hopefully this has whetted your appetite! For more information on HARD TO HANDLE BAND, please visit our website at or call us on 0796 433 5657.