Shropshire Wedding Band

To paraphrase Jane Austin, it is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone is Irish. Or at least, when it comes to weddings, everyone is Irish. OK, well maybe not everyone, but some guests are. This is what we have discovered in 2017. A few years ago you couldn’t play a wedding without seeing at least one gentleman guest attired in a kilt. These days however, Celtic bragging rights go to their Irish cousins. 

Not that we’re complaining, as it’s also a truth universally acknowledged that as long as there is are Irish guests, fun will be had. And fun certainly was had by Victoria, Stuart, friends and family at a private residence in Shropshire recently. We like to think that Hard to Handle band were quite a large contributing factor to the full dance floor and lots of smiles. 

In addition to the very broad mix of classic and contemporary music we played (including indie, soul, pop rock and more), we also performed a mini-Irish set which was very much appreciated by family who had come over from counties Kerry, Wicklow and Clare. It’s great music to play as there is literally no way you can’t dance to it!

Find out what Victoria and Stuart thought of our performance at the bottom of the page. If you’re planning your wedding reception for 2018 and want to thrill your Irish guests, you know what to do. If by some small chance you don’t have any Irish family members or guests, feel free to contact us anyway for more information on our two hours of live band music, additional DJ music (free of charge), lighting and sound system all for a pleasantly surprising fee. We look forward to hearing from you!