Are you enjoying this heat? We’re of the mind that the British summertime is somewhat of a double edged-sword – yes, it’s great to be able to consign grey skies and rain-soaked journeys to work to the dustbin for a month or two, but as a nation we don’t function particularly well when the sun comes out. Why? Because we don’t moderate our behaviour, but we should. We should drink more water and not stay out in the sun for hours on end.

It’s definitely something to think about in preparation for your summer wedding reception. It’s a long day for all; guests will want to be outside rather than inside, and alcohol will be flowing. Inevitably be early evening there will be some casualties – loved ones who you really hoped would get on the dancefloor with you but who are unable to maintain the vertical. This is something you will really notice when you receive your wedding photos and see people noticeable by their absence in the photos of the evening reception.

Of course, asking guests to pace themselves is a tricky ask, but for them to enjoy the whole day and evening, it’s a good idea; nowhere more than when it comes to live entertainment.

Gemma and Rich actually did this, and reaped the benefits. On a hot Saturday at the start of June, the sun made an early appearance at their wedding reception in a tipi on private ground in Herefordshire. Thinking ahead, not only did they make lots of water available, but knowing that their guests would spend a lot of time outside, they arranged (non-cheesy) party games which allowed their guests to work up a sweat and work the alcohol out of their systems so that they would bring their “A” game to the evening reception.

It certainly worked from our perspective – from the first song (Mr. Brightside) until the very last (Don’t look back in anger), there were plenty of energetic and “up for it” guests ready to party with the bride and groom to our two hours of live music including classic rock, indie, pop and more. Just the way it should be!

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