Search Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire online and you’ll discover it has one of the best reputations for hosting wedding receptions n the country. It’s a mixture of a well appointed hotel with various bars areas and ante rooms and a purpose-built large function area. Brides and grooms rave about the level of service.

Pendrell Hall also has a reputation amongst certain musicians and DJs. The function room has a reputation for having a fearsome sound limiter. For the uninitiated, a sound limiter is a device which – as you may suspect from the name – limits the volume at which entertainers can play.

Sound limiters are a growing feature of venues hosting live entertainment. In residential areas of venues where other guests may be staying, sound limiters ensure that the venue does not receive noise complaints. Unfortunately this can also limit the entertainers’ ability to do their job, and consequently can hinder a nights’ entertainment for guests.

Many bands and DJs dislike not being able to perform at a volume they see as appropriate. Some entertainers will fall foul of sound limiters throughout the night, and some flatly refuse to take a booking in a venue where a sound limiter is present.


Fortunately, Hard to Handle are not one of those bands. We believe that with enough preparation, there is no venue or environment that we can’t play. So when Chris and Ami enquired about hiring us, we said “no problem!” We had a conversation with Francesca the wedding co-ordinator about the sound limiter and established that it would be a good idea to perform with our electric drum kit to ensure that we could work within the rooms’ volume limitations.

Oh, one more thing – Chris the groom asked us if his band could use our equipment to play a short set before us – and of course we said yes! The night was a great success. Chris, Ami and guests stayed on the dance floor for the whole night and Chris told us, “you guys were absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, you were the highlight of the evening.”

Now isn’t it nice to know that there is a band flexible and accommodating enough play on your big day? So why not give us a call on 0796 433 5657 – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!